Tianjin Bounded Logistics Park

Scope of business:  

We enjoy various preferential tax policies regarding the national bounded logistics park and have the designated inspection sites and food storage warehouses. We have functions of carry-over goods tax rebate, bounded warehousing, international transfer, international delivery, international purchase, third-party international-trade, carrying trade etc. The effective integration of all functions will drive the collection and distribution of logistics, information flow and capital flow and facilitate the mature operation of domestic railway and highway transport business etc. The modernized bounded warehouse is able to utilize the storage space sufficiently, ensure the centralized implementation of large-scale operation, and provide customers with a series of high-quality warehousing services such as pasting bar codes, scanning, sorting, wrapping films, packaging, putting garment on hanger container, weighing etc.   


Our advantages:  

     Tianjin Bounded Logistics Park not only enjoys all existing preferential tax policies regarding the national bounded logistics park, but also in aspect of export and import tax, go through formalities of customs clearance for cargo in the park to be sold in the domestic market as per applicable regulations on cargo import and formalities of levy based on the actual state of cargo; for the domestic cargo to enter to the park, we deem it as exported cargo and go through formalities of customs clearance and tax rebate, in this way it is more convenient than “tax rebate upon departure” that the bounded park practices at present, settles the problem of so-called “one-day trip abroad” that the domestic export processing company conducts for tax rebate and reduces the cost and capital turnover time of the export enterprise, to the extent of having characteristics of free trade zone. There is no time limitation for cargo warehoused in the bounded logistics park, and the bounded warehousing to defer the tax payment is convenient for the enterprise to perform the comprehensive handling, allocation, distribution, delivery and other international logistics businesses. The cleared cargo to enter to the park is deemed as exported cargo and can enjoy the service of tax rebate, which greatly saves the time of tax rebate. For convenience of cargo title transfer, Tianjin Bounded Logistics Park, as an overseas third party, participates in foreign exchange turnover.  




Founded in November 8, 2005, is by Kawasaki Corporation, Kawasaki Chinese steamboat steamer And Zhenhua Logistics Group joint venture, the registered capital of 3 million 400 thousand U. S. dollars. The business model of the company Sea, air, land, storage, etc.

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